Your VMware Cloud and HyAlto

AirVM has a long history with VMware and its cloud provider partners. As noted in an earlier post, we started out as a VMware service provider, and our previous cloud management platform (AirSembly) was purpose-built for VMware.

Now that we’ve introduced HyAlto, VMware and VMware cloud providers continue to be an important part of our business. Like AirSembly before it, HyAlto offers MSPs the opportunity to fully manage and monetize their vCenter and vCloud Director services.  HyAlto also offers the opportunity to monetize NSX, a networking product on which VMware is placing a great deal of importance.

One Platform, Multiple Ways to Monetize

If you’re unfamiliar with HyAlto, it’s our next generation revenue-focused cloud management platform, designed to help MSPs sell, manage, provision and track usage for their cloud services. Because of our history with VMware, MSPs will find the platform very easy to integrate into their VMware cloud infrastructure.

When introduced into your infrastructure, HyAlto delivers on its monetization mission in two ways. First, it offers the opportunity to more easily sell your products and services, and second, it delivers greater efficiency for your customers and organization through automation, self-serve, self-management, and more.  Whether it’s IT, sales, support, management, or finance, the platform delivers benefits across your operations, enabling you to be even more responsive to customers.

Here are a few ways HyAlto delivers for your business.

Create and sell VMware products. Create, customize and price your VMware products. The platform features a self-serve marketplace for on-demand ordering by customers and partners.

Optimize with automation. Thanks to fully automated provisioning for vCenter, vCloud Director, and NSX, new products and services are configured and online in minutes with very little involvement from your IT team.

Create and sell non-VMware products. HyAlto’s XaaS (anything-as-a-service) feature provides the ability to sell your own products and services in the marketplace along with your VMware offerings. Create all-in-one bundles or upsell products individually for incremental revenue.

Multi-channel distribution model. If you sell through channel partners they also benefit from HyAlto’s self-serve functionality, automated provisioning, and usage tracking. The platform is highly customizable and white-labelled, so they can brand their own marketplace quickly and easily.

Maximize revenue. HyAlto offers unprecedented detail when it comes to tracking usage of your products and services, so you’ll know exactly what to bill your customers each month. No more concerns about lost revenue due to inaccurate consumption metrics! HyAlto’s usage data can easily be fed into your billing system for clear, accurate invoicing.

Building on Our History

Though HyAlto is evolving to offer increased support for AWS and Azure, we remain strongly connected to VMware and its MSP partners. As we continue to evolve the platform we look forward to continuing or partnership with VMware.

If you’d like to learn more about HyAlto’s support for VMware cloud services, we invite you to contact us today. Let’s discuss your VMware cloud business, and how HyAlto may be able to help you better monetize your cloud.

Finally, if you’re going to be at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas, let us know on the contact form! Our CEO (Alan) will be there offering demos of HyAlto. We’d be happy to connect you with Alan for your very own demo.

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