From Cloud Provider to Cloud Partner

Since the launch of the blog we’ve dedicated our posts to providing details about our new HyAlto revenue-focused cloud management platform. Today we’d like to pause and tell you a little about AirVM and why we designed the platform the way we did.

A Brief History

AirVM started life as a cloud service provider. As a startup, our desire to balance growth with workload led us to develop a white-labelled IaaS platform for resellers. This platform helped us to become more operationally efficient, and it gave us a new way to get our products to market.  The platform eventually became AirSembly, which enabled service providers, white-label distributors and resellers to deliver VMware cloud services at scale.

As cloud choice expanded, service providers naturally started offering more than one cloud option to customers. We realized the need to support this shift, which led to the emergence of HyAlto as our next generation platform.

Though our evolution from day one to the present took longer than it takes to read two paragraphs, it really has been a very natural process.  We feel the journey has given us a great perspective on the business, and our history makes us extra motivated to be a strong partner for our customers.

We’re All Connected

Our platform has been designed to serve every customer who comes into contact with it – directly or indirectly.  For our direct customers to succeed, it also has to benefit their customers. Understanding and respecting this connection is very important to us.  Yes, we want our customers to love HyAlto, but we also want their customers to love the features that make it easier for them to do business in the cloud.  A quick note for those considering HyAlto – it’s fully white-labeled so your customers don’t have to know it’s us providing the platform.  As long as everyone is happy, we’re good!

Whether you’re an MSP, or an internal IT team delivering cloud services to your company, we are working hard to make sure everyone has a great experience with our software.

Our Platform is Your Platform

In the About Us section on our website we have three core objectives listed, with the third one being “Make it Yours.” We think providing you with a tool that adapts to your business (not the other way around) is part of delivering a great experience with our platform.

There are plenty of examples in the software/SaaS world of products that take tremendous effort and expense to integrate into your business.  As valuable as these products are to your business, we wanted to deliver value without disrupting how you do business.  Since businesses so change over time we also took extra care to make sure the platform could evolve with you.

Make it yours. We love that concept and we think you will too.

We’re in This Together

Should you decide that HyAlto is right for your business, we’ll be here whenever you need us. As mentioned earlier, we know that a lot of customers will be affected by the use of the platform, and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

If you’d like to learn more about the platform we’re happy to talk, but first we’d like to listen and learn more about your business.  We can also show you a demo and set you up on a trial.  Just fill out our contact form and one of us will be in touch!

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