Sleek, Competitive Self-Serve.
Painless Provisioning. And 100% Billing Accuracy.

Manage More Private Cloud Business with Time to Spare

HyAlto integrates with vCentre and vCloud Director to:

Transform vCentre
with multi-tenant

Improve vCloud
customer experience

Automate usage
tracking for 100%
accurate, hands-off

HyAlto is a Certified Partner with:

  • VMware Partner Technology Alliance
  • Partner Ready VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Connectwise Certified Integrator
  • Zerto Alliance Partner Program
  • Veeam Technology Alliance Partner

It’s Time to Automate Service Deployment

And say good-bye to billing errors and manual usage tracking.
No more miscommunications between sales, technical and finance teams.
Never again waste endless hours invoicing, provisioning and reconciling.

Increase core services
revenue by +7% and
upsell revenue by +20%

  • Set up standardized customer-ready workflow/services
  • Offer flexible pricing with volume and time-based discounts
  • Upsell more than before with XaaS feature

Self-Serve Marketplace
for 24/7 Cloud Selling
on VMware

  • Showcase your offerings in a branded self-serve portal
  • Empower customers (and white glove team members) with an on-demand ordering experience

Automated Provisioning for VMware

  • Deploy new services painlessly, minutes after order placement
  • Eliminate order fulfillment steps
  • Optimise existing workflows
  • Manage all customers and partner infrastructure from one dashboard
  • Reduce technical team time and costs
  • Support laaS, PaaS, SaaS and XaaS products

Manage More Clients
in 50% Less Time

We had serious revenue leakage before HyAlto. There were customers we hadn’t billed for a year. Now we bill hourly…and nothing is missed.

­­– Service Delivery Manager, a HyAlto Customer

Private Cloud Usage Tracking
and Cloud Billing Management
for VMware

  • Connect usage data with billing system for fast, error-free invoicing
  • Stop wasting time generating manual usage reports for finance
  • Easily view all consumption, usage & transactions
  • Drill down to individual customer and SKU level-data
  • Eliminate billing inquiries by letting customer view
    their own usage/pricing data
  • Track revenue and profitability based on consumption

Recover 10% or More Leaked Revenue