HyAlto for Service Providers

In our first post we took a brief look at the benefits of the HyAlto platform for both service providers and enterprises.  Though the benefits are similar, their business models are very different.  As such it’s worth taking time to examine and discuss how HyAlto fits in with each model.

In this post we examine HyAlto for service providers.  To read about HyAlto for the enterprise, click here.

Cloud Monetization or Cloud Management?

We touched on this concept in our first post, but let’s go a little deeper. A platform with strong management capabilities helps put you on a path to better monetization of your cloud services, but it’s only one component of your overall business.

HyAlto goes beyond cloud management to offer a more complete solution to help grow your business while keeping expenses in line.


The Marketplace is a fully white-labeled, brandable storefront for your catalog of cloud products and services. With support for direct sales, multi-tier channel partners and self-serve ordering, HyAlto easily supports your chosen sales model.


The platform offers robust automation and provisioning features.  After an order is placed new services are configured, provisioned and available for use within minutes.  This not only reduces steps in the fulfillment process, it’s a big value-add for your customers.


We’ve built a high degree of transparency and detail into your view of consumption metrics. Not only does this make tracking revenue and profitability easier, the data can also be fed into your billing system, reducing time spent on a normally labor intensive monthly task.

One Platform, Multiple Audiences

We built HyAlto with your cloud business in mind, and we know that each day there are people that will (knowingly or unknowingly) depend on it to deliver.

Your Customers

Offer standardized service bundles to your customer base while still having the ability to customize solutions as required.  For more experienced customers you can configure their level of access and permissions to allow them to perform many management tasks on their own.

Customers will appreciate the “always open” self-serve marketplace, and the automated provisioning features we mentioned earlier.  Not waiting for new services to be online is a huge value-add, plus every customer can view their service details, consumption metrics and pricing.  This level of transparency is not only appreciated, it builds trust.

Your Team

Multi-cloud environments are complex, and management can be very time consuming.  Streamline your team’s day-to-day workload by introducing Hyalto to consolidate management onto a single platform. This eliminates duplication of tasks across different cloud environments, saving a noticeable amount of time.

The time saved will be even more apparent when it comes to order fulfillment!  Offering standardized bundles removes the need to build custom services and pricing for every order, and once an order is place automation removes your team from handling provisioning and configuration.

We’re not done there!  The monthly billing process, and the customer questions that often come with it can be one of the most labor-intensive parts of your business.  Hyalto’s consumption and usage data can easily be fed into your existing billing system for accurate chargeback and invoicing.  And to top it all off, because your customers have access to consumption and billing data the number of questions each month are significantly reduced.

Your Business

Hyalto gives you the flexibility to choose your business model, the products you sell, and how you sell them.  Grow your business your way without increased operational costs.

Choose your billing methods, payment types and pricing model.  This can be done per customer or you can use the same settings for everyone.  Again, it’s your choice and you can change things at any time.

Do you have an international presence?  The platform supports multiple datacenters, languages and currencies.

However you choose to conduct business, the platform is ready to adapt.

We’ve Walked in Your Shoes

Before we conclude, it’s worth noting that although we group CSPs into one segment, we understand that they can be as varied as individual enterprises are.  Our company started out as a cloud service provider back in 2008, and we understand the challenges and competitive nature of the business. Most important of all, we understand how critical it is for you to deliver the best solutions and service to each customer.

HyAlto represents our years of experience combined with those of our service provider partners.  We think it provides you with a comprehensive platform for your cloud business.

How do I contact you to learn more?

If you’re ready to talk with us about HyAlto for service providers fill out our contact form and one of our team members will get back you within 24 hours.  We will be happy to learn more about your business, offer you a demo, and arrange for your free trial.

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