HyAlto for Enterprise

In our first post we took a brief look at the benefits of the HyAlto platform for both service providers and enterprises.  Though the benefits are similar, their business models are very different.  As such it’s worth taking time to examine and discuss how HyAlto fits in with each model.

In this post we take a closer look at HyAlto for the enterprise. To read about HyAlto for cloud service providers, click here .

Cloud Monetization or Cloud Management?

We touched on this concept in our first post, but let’s go a little deeper. While the idea of cloud management seems to be the obvious choice for the enterprise, it is only part of the overall picture.  Yes, a platform must have solid management capabilities, but that alone does not address all the needs of the enterprise with respect to cloud services.

Since an enterprise relies on revenue generation, and since cloud technology is playing an increasingly larger role in how it does business, there are other needs that a platform can address to take it from management platform to monetization solution.


Centralize the management of complex multi-cloud environments into a highly customizable platform. Simplify cloud management by working from a single pane of glass, introducing automation, and reducing operational involvement in repetitive tasks.


IT is tasked with balancing business priorities against infrastructure, security and technical requirements. HyAlto’s flexibility allows the delivery of cloud services to the organization without changing critical workflows designed to keep the infrastructure secure and responsive.  Here again automation plays a critical role in building a more responsive and focused IT team.


While uptime would seem to be the main issue, new or additional cloud services/resources must be readily available to employees when needed.  The HyAlto Marketplace functions as a self-serve portal, offering a catalogue of business ready, IT approved services that can be accessed and requested without involvement from IT.  Taking it one step further, the platform’s automated provisioning features configure and turn on new services within minutes of the request.

Why Choose HyAlto?

For Your Employees

Centralize and simplify cloud management, delivery of services, and consumption tracking into one highly customizable platform.  Deliver cloud services tailored to every department or role in your organization quickly and easily.

For IT

IT is your internal cloud service provider, but that is far from their only role in your organization.

Centralized management eliminates duplication of tasks across a multi-cloud environment, and automation brings increased efficiency by removing the team from time-consuming tasks like provisioning and configuring services.

Introducing HyAlto will not disrupt current workflows, but it will remove repetitive operational steps to increase focus and responsiveness.

For Growth

A solid, well-managed cloud helps keep your business moving forward.  As you grow Hyalto helps balance the demand for increased services and scale with budget concerns.

Consumption and usage data can easily be fed into internal systems for accurate chargeback and budget management down to the departmental and employee level if desired.  The platform is an excellent tool for capacity and resource planning and offers detailed data for tracking expenses and finding efficiencies based on consumption.

Expanding or experiencing rapid growth?  Hyalto can be spread across multiple datacenters for scalability and redundancy.

Your Platform for Today and the Future

HyAlto scales to support today’s needs while giving you a way forward as business and cloud technology changes.  The platform removes the complexity from multi-cloud management so your business can expand its presence in the cloud with confidence.

How do I contact you to learn more?

If you’re ready to talk with us about HyAlto and your business, simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will get back you within 24 hours.  We will be happy to discuss your business, offer you a demo, and arrange for your free trial.

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