‘Skating to where the puck is going to be:’ HyAlto builds its bench

The time has come for HyAlto to expand its roster of senior advisors by adding a Chief Strategy Officer. To fill this role, we have brought on board a gentleman who is no stranger to the MSP space – JP Jauvin.

JP comes to us after having served for 10 years as President and COO at N-able Technologies. You may recall that N-able was acquired by Solarwinds in 2013. Today, Solarwinds N-able is known for a suite of RMM and management products designed to help MSPs “deliver prompt and proactive service, allocate resources effectively and efficiently bill customers.”

Prior to N-able, JP held VP roles with NetPro, Provance, Databeacon, Quest Software and others.

“I have lived through the pioneering days of helping service companies become MSPs, and seeing the evolution of a more mature market, where the managed services business model has been adopted by more SME businesses,” JP said. “I have witnessed the cloud fulfill all the promise of computing elasticity, which I think will now inspire a whole new generation of applications that will enable organizations to be more efficient, secure and productive.”

He sees the role of an MSP in this evolution as twofold. First and most obvious, to serve its customers as a business and technology partner. Second, to serve as that channel through which vendors such as HyAlto can bring their products and services to market in what is a fragmented SME space.

This twofold role has become all the more critical as the complexity of the managed services space increases. Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud models are putting pressure on both MSPs and their customers to find new and more efficient ways to benefit from cloud resources.

“The MSP has to walk and run, in stride with a new generation of users, as well as the previous generation that has migrated to the cloud,” JP said. “If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that you have to be nimble to survive. You need to be able to produce what the customer needs on any platform at any time, and the only way you can do that is through improved orchestration and automation.”

This is key to achieve escape velocity and bridge the gap between service quality, delivery and cost.

“As MSPs provide more choice and clients demand it, whether it’s a multi-cloud model or a hybrid one, companies like HyAlto enable an MSP to manage and deliver all that with the orchestration and automation tools their need,” JP said. “From a business perspective, it’s about offering customers more choice, and making it easier for them to adopt services. And last but not least, making sure the MSP can properly monetize services and avoid revenue leakage.”

Which of course leads to better service, happier customers and revenue growth with higher margins. MSPs can evolve to serve that critical role their SME clients need them to fill as a trusted technology partner.

But on a personal level, why has JP decided to join HyAlto and why now?

“You need to skate to where the puck is going to be and I think HyAlto is doing that very successfully as a team with its strategy,” JP said.

That strategy, of course, includes our partnerships with key players like VMware, ConnectWise and public cloud service providers. This frees our MSP clients from having to expend excessive amounts of time and effort attempting to earn, and maintain, certification on all the enterprise platforms they would like to be able to include in their service stacks.

“HyAlto helps MSPs level up, whether they are large and cloud experienced or small and new to it,” JP said. “Forward-thinking MSPs are also trying to skate to where the puck is going to be and we are here to provide them with an assist.”

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