7x ROI: How HyAlto equipped MSP Deserve-IT for faster, more profitable growth

Does any of this sound familiar?

“We used to need a Tier 3 technician to sit and go through all of our control panels each month to sort out our billing—about 70 to 80 hours taken away from client-facing activities.”

Or how about:

“Our techs would give customers extra resources – CPUs, RAM, hard-drive space – and we would lose control and visibility into that. After two years, I found myself giving some customers full data centre resources without proper billing.”

These are the kinds of costly issues that arise when a managed service provider (MSP) lacks the automated tools to effectively manage and monitor service provisioning and uptake of new services by customers, or to generate up-to-date usage reports to feed the billing system with accurate information at month end.

For the team at Deserve-IT, these were persistent challenges that became more problematic as the business grew. Deserve-IT serves hundreds of small to medium enterprises, primarily in the legal, pharmaceutical and high-performance computing markets.

But these challenges are no longer persistent or problematic. Read our new case study to learn how HyAlto delivers a 7-1 return for fast-growing MSP Deserve-IT.

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