Integration across the cloud ecosystem really does save the enterprise money

Prospects accustomed to being bombarded with sales pitches can be forgiven for their skepticism when vendors like us plug our service, or product or that vague concept known as “the solution.”

So, when independent third-parties with a focus on the bottom line are making statements that prove we are full of something other than just hot air, it’s worth taking note.

At HyAlto, the value proposition we offer managed service providers is clear:

  • The enterprise market is increasingly multi-cloud.
  • Customers want a single source – a “single throat to choke” – to provision and manage all their assorted cloud resources and services.
  • This makes it increasingly difficult for the MSP to efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively provision, monitor and bill for services at month end.
  • Our platform provides the single pane of glass – designed to be user friendly for both the MSP and the enterprise customer – to overcome these challenges.

In other words, we help MSPs become lean, mean, customer-centric machines.

It’s all about integration, to deliver an all-in-one platform designed to meet any cloud requirement and business model, for multi-cloud monetization.

That requires partnership – partnering with as many cloud service providers as we can to support their catalogue of services on our platform.

Our first was VMware. In May, we announced our next partnership with Veeam. A few more will be announced before year end.

In recent posts, we’ve provided reports from recent conferences we’ve attended, ConnectWise IT Nation Explore in Orlando and Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, where we found this same emphasis on partnership.

Understanding and taking full advantage of what the cloud can do on the enterprise front is a team effort. Integration among service providers is critical for the enterprise customers we all woo to fully realize the benefits of the cloud as cost-efficiently as possible, with as few growing pains as possible.

So, it was with great interest that we came across a recent Business Insider article in which a Wall Street analyst highlighted how VMware is winning fans because of how its integration with Amazon Web Services is saving customers money.

VMware provides cloud computing and virtualization software and services. As the Business Insider article sums it up, “VMware’s technology allows businesses to tap disparate computer systems on their premises or in the cloud as one network, reducing costs and the need for servers, storage and other hardware.”

According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, VMware is making it easier for businesses to set up networks on premise and in the cloud, particularly on Amazon’s platform.

The savings for customers … can be upwards of 35-40 per cent in some instances based on our checks as customers can now run AWS infrastructure on-prem without the purchase of new hardware or application/operating model modification,” Ives wrote in a research note to clients. “We believe many enterprises are seriously considering the merits of this strategic cloud shift.”

VMware forged this partnership with AWS in 2016. In April, it announced a similar one with Microsoft for Azure. Market watchers consider that bad news for AWS. We consider all such announcements to be good news for HyAlto, because making the cloud truly fly for the enterprise requires the collaboration and integration that is central to our philosophy.

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