HyAlto and Veeam: True Multi-Cloud

We recently announced support for Veeam’s backup and replication services. This builds on our existing relationship with VMware and makes HyAlto truly multi-cloud.

For several months now, we have reviewed the need for MSPs to have a revenue-focused cloud management platform that supports multi-cloud management for public, private and hybrid clouds. A platform that is cloud provider-neutral, so MSPs can effectively evolve their businesses to serve the increasingly complex needs of their enterprise clients.

We have argued that smaller MSPs, even larger ones, need an agnostic third-party tool that is capable of pulling and distilling usage data from every cloud used by an enterprise into a single, convenient dashboard. That can only come from a cloud management provider that doesn’t play favourites. One which understands that the rise of the multi-cloud demands a “brokerage” approach in how cloud services are provisioned, managed, tracked and billed.

Think of it as a commodities market for cloud services. This is the only way to give enterprises true cloud freedom. The goal is to provide them with a single pane of glass (or single point of management), avoid “universal remote syndrome,” and still capture the differentiated features or services between cloud providers.

This is what we do. It’s all that we do.

HyAlto offers that single point of management to reduce the complexity of the multi-cloud. With one platform, one login, one point from which to perform all tasks, HyAlto centralizes and manages multiple cloud environments (private, public, hybrid).

This removes the complexities related to cloud services billing and reduces the number of tools required to optimize an enterprise client’s cloud investments. With a single interface to manage Veeam and VMware services, HyAlto’s platform enables an MSP to focus on other areas of its IaaS business. The MSP’s enterprise clients, meanwhile, get real-time and reliable insight into their usage, with the means to easily manage their services through a self-serve portal.

According to a 2016 study by Evolve IP, 70 per cent of executives feel their company was very prepared to recover from a disaster. But ask the IT guys and you get a different answer – only 45 per cent think so.

The global cloud market for “disaster recovery-as-a-service” continues to grow rapidly. A research report released just this month by Future Market Insights (FMI) put the CAGR for 2019 at 35.4 per cent. Other research firms (Stratistics MRC, Allied Market Research) also peg annual growth in the double digits through the next decade.

All this paints a clear and present need for MSPs have the expertise and resources in place to help their enterprise clients adopt a backup, replication and recovery strategy that is right-sized and optimized with the rest of their cloud strategy.

That’s where HyAlto comes in.

Veeam is the first of many such announcements we will make through 2019 and beyond. Stay tuned for future announcements about Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

HyAlto will reduce cost and complexity for MSP and enterprise client alike, one cloud service at a time.

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