How to Turn Brownfield Customers Green

It’s a tantalizing question for any managed service provider. Some MSPs may want to have this conversation but fear upsetting the apple cart or feel the apple cart is bolted to the curb, thanks to the current contract. Others are just satisfied to sign a two or three-year contract and don’t care to contact the customer again until it’s time to talk renewal because they lack a cost-effective process with which to up-sell.

In either case, it’s much easier to focus on new or renewing customers to grow the top line – just be glad to have booked the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and move on.

We have talked before about the shortcomings of inflexible fixed cloud service contracts. A customer’s needs may change over the course of the contract, especially in these days of hyper-converged cloud growth where a majority of enterprises identify as having a multi-cloud strategy.

Changing needs for additional storage, backup, CPU capacity, security and disaster recovery have many enterprises desperate for the flexibility to mix and match services from different cloud providers for the best combination of service and price. Fixed service contracts can quickly become a hindrance.

Have your cake, and eat it, too

It is possible for an MSP to easily upsell brownfield customers in the midst of a multiyear contract. You can have your (apple) cake, and eat it, too.

How? By giving brownfield customers what they need – an easy and convenient means to more cost effectively manage their current cloud services and procure additional services, such as backup and disaster recovery, to fill the gaps. A platform that will provide a single pane of glass, or single point of data, where cloud service usage can easily be tracked, monitored and adjusted in real time.

A small to mid-sized MSP can achieve this without trying to scratch-build the platform or having to sell-out to one of the big guys that has built its own proprietary solution.

Stand out with white-labeled, white glove service

With HyAlto, we provide MSPs with a marketplace that allows them to present all of their cloud services in a white-labeled branded interface that supports customer-specific pricing.

We take all your existing contracts and configure them in HyAlto. Your existing customers can use HyAlto to manage their current cloud services and buy additional resources or other services. This includes the capability to offer flexible pricing, including quantity and time-based discounts.

Need more storage capacity, more computing horsepower? No problem. Are services that are being paid for as part of the fixed contract being under-used? HyAlto will make that easy to spot, thereby demonstrating to your customer that you are indeed looking out for their best interests. This goodwill might prove useful when renewal time comes around.

All this supports up-sell efforts to generate new revenues on existing contracts and deliver the personalized, white glove service that will drive customer retention.

Use our calculator to show your potential revenue!

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