Monetize Your Cloud with the HyAlto Marketplace

By the very nature of the MSP cloud business, you’re always selling – products and services, expertise, customer service, infrastructure, security, etc. Sales translates to revenue, and just as there is a sales cycle, there is also a revenue cycle. We touched on this concept briefly in our last post, and it might be useful to quickly revisit that now.

Revenue not only comes from product delivery and excellent customer service, but from successful, efficient revenue collection. Sell, fulfill, support, invoice, repeat.  We’ve built HyAlto to deliver efficiency at every step in this cycle, but today we’re going to focus on the sell part of the equation.

Enter the HyAlto Marketplace – designed to help you sell your cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and any additional services you offer (XaaS). The marketplace is a fully white-labeled, brandable ecommerce experience for delivery of public, private or hybrid cloud solutions for any size of customer.

One Marketplace, Multiple Ways to Monetize

By Selling

The marketplace exists to sell, and because no two MSPs are exactly alike it offers choice in which products you offer, how you price, and how you go to market.

• Set up a catalogue of business-ready service bundles, offer a-la-carte products, or both
• Supports IaaS/PaaS/SaaS products and services
• Offer additional products and services with XaaS

Choice of Pricing Model
• Tiered/threshold pricing based on volume discount of resources consumed
• Time based discounts with contracts
• Pricing can be done per customer or you can use the same for everyone.

• Sell direct using in-house sales team
• Build a sales channel to easily reach new customers and markets
• Enable customer self-serve ordering for 24/7 sales
• Or use any combination of the three – it’s up to you

Through Ease of Use

Monetization is achieved through more than just what you sell and how you sell it. The HyAlto marketplace provides customers and channel partners an easy way to search for and order the products they need.

By providing a familiar, ecommerce-like experience that makes it easy for customers to find what they need, ordering can become a low-touch, high margin activity for your business as involvement from your team is no longer required. And since the marketplace is online, it’s open for business any time a customer or partner wants to order.

Through Automation

If you can sell 24/7, then having robust automation to fulfill orders when placed only makes sense. HyAlto’s automated provisioning feature does just that – provisions new services according to the specifications you defined when setting up your products in the marketplace.

Automation achieves monetization in two ways.

1. Bill for new services sooner. Newly ordered services are online within minutes of ordering, so you can start billing now versus waiting days for provisioning to occur.
2. Lower operational costs. Removing your team from the order fulfillment process reduces labor costs, increasing the margin on every sale.

This combination of on-demand ordering and near-immediate fulfillment also increases the level of satisfaction with your service!

Through Scale

Thinking about opening up new markets? Local or international – HyAlto makes it possible to expand to wherever you want to go. We support multiple currencies, languages, payment options, and even contracts so you can meet virtually any customer requirement.

Scaling through channel partners is also an excellent way to get your services to new markets and customers without incurring the cost of sale. MSPs can leverage a one-to-many approach, counting on their channel partners to build on their own customer relationships to generate business. This can be especially helpful when expanding into new markets where no relationships exist, or where knowledge of the market is limited.

Let’s Talk!

To find out more about how HyAlto can help you monetize your cloud services, contact us using this form and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your business. We look forward to working with you.

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