HyAlto for Service Providers
A complete cloud management platform–with no complexity

Why Choose HyAlto?

Why Choose HyAlto?

For Your Customers
Hyalto empowers you to deliver ready-made solutions for every customer. Deliver exactly what they need now, with the flexibility to adapt as their needs change.
  • Customize an all-in-one solution to make getting started quick and effortless for even the most novice of customers.
  • Configure the level of access and permissions to match your customers’ level of expertise.
  • Every customer can view their service details, including consumption and pricing. The transparency builds trust and reduces monthly billing questions.

Customers will also appreciate the “always open” self-serve marketplace. Combined with Hyalto’s automated provisioning, new services are online in minutes.  Deliver white-glove service by offering self-service!


For Your Team
Streamline your team’s day-to-day workload by introducing Hyalto into your VMware & Veeam environment to consolidate management onto a single platform.
  • Eliminate duplication of tasks across different cloud environments.
  • Hyalto gives you one login, one UI, and one platform to manage your entire cloud infrastructure.
  • Automation removes your team from performing some of the most time-consuming tasks like ordering, provisioning and configuration.
  • Consumption and usage data can easily be fed into your existing billing systems for accurate chargeback and invoicing.

Remove operational steps to save your team time and let them focus on other business priorities and customer needs. 


For Your Business
Hyalto gives you the flexibility to choose your business model, the products you sell, and how you sell them.  Grow your business your way without increased operational costs.
  • Sell through any combination of direct sales and customer self-serve ordering.
  • The platform supports private cloud; as well as XaaS products and services.
  • Choose your billing methods, payment types and pricing model. This can be done per customer or you can use the same for everyone.
  • The platform supports multiple datacenters, languages and currencies for service providers with an international presence.

Hyalto offers choice, flexibility and scale to give you the freedom to grow and change with the ever-changing cloud business. 

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