Who is HyAlto

HyAlto is a Cloud Management Platform, also known as a Cloud Monetization Platform. It is designed for MSPs that serve the enterprise mid-market and struggle to effectively and efficiently provision and invoice their customers.

The Market Needs

More and more mid-market enterprises are addressing their IT infrastructure and data management needs with some combination of an on-premise cloud and data centre (e.g. VMware) with a public cloud or clouds (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform).

Reliance on MSPs

Few enterprises in the mid-market weight class have the resources to internally staff the subject matter experts to adequately manage all this, contain costs and ensure cloud usage by their people is kept in line with business priorities. Instead, they turn to an MSP. They rely on an MSP to be expert in various virtual and cloud environments, to be their trusted advisor in areas such as compliance, privacy and data sovereignty, and to support their internal IT team.

Billing for Cloud Services

In all instances, these MSPs are challenged to present their clients with a “single pane of glass” with which to order and price services and provide the flexibility to easily scale service usage up or down on short notice. Their greatest hurdle is to provide unified and accurate billing at month end that only charges for what has been used.

Why Hyalto

With one platform, one login and one point from which to perform all tasks, HyAlto centralizes and manages multiple cloud environments (private, public, hybrid) and reduces the number of tools required to manage cloud services:

Single Point of Management

The HyAlto marketplace is a portal for an MSP’s clients that manages the whole order entry workflow in one place

Multi-Cloud Capable

HyAlto is multi-cloud capable, enabling automated order entry and provisioning for VMware and Veeam, with MS Azure and AWS coming soon

Simplified Billing

HyAlto consolidates and simplifies billing and provides reliable usage metering, to ensure accurate invoicing and reduce the reliance on error-prone manual processes

HyAlto offers a unique solution that delivers in all three of these areas with a single pane of glass that is user-friendly and accessible for both the MSP and its enterprise client.

How HyAlto is Different
With the distinction of a Cloud Monetization Platform versus a Cloud Management Platform, HyAlto elevates the conversation beyond the technical focus typical of the marketing approach used by conventional CMPs. HyAlto focuses on ROI for MSPs – how they can build their businesses, reduce costs and drive revenue as a multi-cloud-capable MSP.

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