Time is money: save both with an automated platform

It’s tough for a small to mid-sized MSP to grow its business because it takes skill sets that are in short supply and expensive.

This is true… if a business growth strategy is structured around the legacy model that involves hiring senior certified technical experts who are in hot demand.

But there is another way.

We recently spoke with the CEO of an MSP who wanted to scale his business. In his view, this required he headhunt for a senior IT resource, a jack or jane of all trades who is expert in the required technology, can work with sales on customer quotes and to close new business, sort out order desk configurations and help out the support team when things like billing get complicated.

This calibre of individual can easily command a salary of $175,000/year, if you can woo them. It’s a tough market for employers. Qualified talent is scarce – we’ve been hearing that for some time now. Last summer, executive search and management consulting firm Korn Ferry released a study that looked at the huge talent shortages facing the industrialized world by 2030. It forecast that the U.S. alone could lose out on about $162 billion in collective revenues due to a shortage of high-tech workers.

If your business has been trying to recruit top tech talent, this is already painfully evident.

You don’t have to fight the war for talent

What if you could achieve your growth objectives without having to find and hire this person?

It takes an automation platform, what we call a revenue-focused cloud management platform, that provides your team and your enterprise clients with a single pane of glass/single point of data. This automates provisioning so clients can adjust their service package on the fly in response to their changing needs, your engineers can quickly provision new services, and your finance people can easily pull accurate and current usage metering reports to feed your billing system.

We are pioneering such a platform. Once your product manager sets up your standardized services in the HyAlto marketplace with the appropriate technical attributes and pricing, you can train a junior resource in a matter of hours to do sales quotes and order fulfillment.

Use our calculator to show your potential revenue!

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